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4am Rehearsal Supper Club

4am getting in some rehearsal time at the War Eagle Supper Club before the December 11 show.

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just like old times!

just like old times!

4am reunion War Eagle Supper Club

4am will reunite at the War Eagle Supper in Auburn, AL Club December 11, 2015. The Supper Club will be closing it’s doors at the end of the year. The original 4am band will once again rock into late hours with your favorite 4am songs as well as originals.

See you there!

4am website

4am launched their first website in early 1995. The Internet was just text and a few images and modems gave us blazing 14.4 speeds. The band promoted itself through their newsletter published every two months which included band news, schedule and merchandise order information.

Below is a screen capture of the early 4am website “The Pit” from 1996

4am website from 1996

4am website from 1996

The Original 4am

Original 4am lineup…

Showtime Promo picture

Original 4am

Original Lineup Joey,Jon,Russ,Earl